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 Dangerous Power Ultimate Sticky

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PostSubject: Dangerous Power Ultimate Sticky   Wed Jun 25, 2008 8:48 am

DP Customer Service

www.dangerouspower.com (site still not fully operational!)

Customer Service - 10am to 6pm PST
(909) 869-7800 | info@dangerouspower.com

Service and Parts - 10am to 6pm PST
(909) 869-8801 | service@dangerouspower.com

F7 Fusion
From design to conception, the Fusion™ Paintball Marker by Dangerous Power™ aims to achieve the highest level of performance at any price. If you’ve tried shooting one, you will agree that this mission has been accomplished! Out of the box, the Fusion rivals the performance of other ‘high-end’ markers that are double or even triple the cost, leaving the competition wondering how quality can come at such affordability. Fusion owners also have confidence in knowing that their purchase is backed by highly trained technical support staffs, ready to provide unparalleled excellence in customer service should the need arise.
Don’t take our word for it - test fire a Fusion today and we’re sure you’ll walk away owning one!

The Dangerous Power™ Threshold™ was never meant to be released to the public. Our engineers and design team had a bit of a clash when it came to the aesthetics of the new marker. Leaning towards ‘clean lines,’ where function is hailed above form, the chief engineers of the project commented that the milling was ‘too wild, and far too excessive.’ Cost was another prohibitive factor. 20 tools utilizing the latest 3D software, running 24 hours per day to produce only 7 bodies!
Weighing in at just 35.2oz (2.2lbs), which includes the full two piece barrel, feed neck, ASA, and battery, the Threshold consists of only 2 parts and 6 easily accessible O-rings in the entire operation. Based off of a ‘dump valve’ system and a custom, in-house designed 3-way solenoid, the Threshold boasts excellent efficiency numbers.

F8 Fusion
With the debut of the Dangerous Power Fusion marker in 2007, paintball enthusiasts were introduced to an innovative concept of high performance and quality at an affordable price. The all-new 2008 Dangerous Power F8 Fusion continues this leagacy of incredibly value with a sleeker 3-D milled body and frame, improved solenoid for extended battery life and pressure tolerance, redesigned pressure regulator for improved reliability, a removeable pressure gauge (sold seperately), and an amazing weight reduction of 0.6 lbs. Backed by DP's highly praised customer service and support, the 2008 Dangerous Power Fusion gives more expensive markers a run for their money. It is, quite simply, your best choice for unparalleled performance and value.

The new 2008 Dangerous Power G3 paintball marker weighing in at only 1.86lbs (fully equipped with the patented clamping feedneck, barrel and patented flip lever ASA) DP's latest creation may be the world's smallest and lightest paintball marker in existence!!! Derived from the highly successful and limited production Threshold painball marker, the G3 benefiting from having only six o-rings in it's entire operation based upon two precision crafted parts by turning one screw; the user can access the entire bolt assembly for easy maintenance and service. The new G3 utilizes a .45 grip frame for easy customization and comes standard with Dangerour Power's highly acclaimed flip lever ASA (RAPS) and ultra low rise clamping feedneck.

Stock Modes
F8, F7, G3, Threshold
CFOA - 15bps - SEMI
NPPL - 25bps - SEMI
PSP - 15bps - 5bps Active Ramping
MILL - 15bps - 8bps Active Ramping
NXL AUTO - 15bps - 5bps Active Ramping --> Hold trigger to transfer to full auto
Ramping - 15bps - 3bps Active Ramping
Ramping - 25bps - 3bps Active Ramping
Ramping - 25bps - 5bps Active Ramping

For more info on any of these markers, go to www.dangerouspower.com

If you need help with your fusion, please post up or pm me.

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PostSubject: Re: Dangerous Power Ultimate Sticky   Wed Jun 25, 2008 9:25 am

I added the G3 for you
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PostSubject: Re: Dangerous Power Ultimate Sticky   Wed Jun 25, 2008 10:20 am

k thanks.
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PostSubject: Re: Dangerous Power Ultimate Sticky   

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Dangerous Power Ultimate Sticky
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