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 New to Paintball? Check this Out

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PostSubject: New to Paintball? Check this Out   Mon May 19, 2008 2:49 pm

Paintball Sportsland - Frederick, MD wrote:

  • Keep your mask (full face mask, not just goggles) on at
    all times
    when on a field or playing somewhere else with

  • When not playing, barrel plugs or barrel blocking devices should be in use
    at all times.

  • Markers should be shooting (chronoed) under 300 fps (feet
    per second).

  • Never look down the barrel of a marker.

  • Always be careful when unscrewing a tank from a gun. If the
    brass fitting isnít moving, stop.

  • Only wear masks that are made specifically for paintball.
  • Never try to take a tank apart to try an repair it. Take it
    to someone who is qualified to do it.

  • Keep markers and tanks out of direct sunlight when not
    playing, especially C02 tanks.

  • Replace your lens as needed. Never play with cracked or
    broken lens.

  • Make sure any tank you use is up to date. (hydro date)
    Most tanks are good for 5 years.

  • Never shoot someone with the barrel directly touching their

  • Never use a damaged CO2 or HPA tank.
  • Never alter your equipment unless you are 100% sure know
    what you are doing.

  • Keep yourself hydrated while playing; drink lots of water,
    even if you're not really thirsty.

  • Never over fill a tank.
  • Never assume that a marker is empty.

Paintballs are filled with a non-toxic, water soluble
liquid, which is completely bio-degradable. Be sure to wear old clothing. Some
players prefer camouflage outfits. Loose clothing and layers can help. Whatever
your choice, come dressed for the weather and be prepared to get dirty.

There are many different ways to play Paintball.
Here are a few examples of game play you can expect at Paintball-Sportsland.

Total Elimination
∑ Total
Elimination is widely used in rec-ball games, and is a favorite among casual
players. It has the basic rule of one hit needed to eliminate someone. The
objective of this game is to eliminate all of the players on the opposing team.
Many games are based off of total elimination, and have the same rules as it.
Some popular forms of Total Elimination include Center Flag and Capture the Flag
- both used often in tournament format games as well as rec-ball games. Usually
these games will last for a 15 minute time period and at the end of the game the
teams switch sides.

Center Flag
∑ Center flag, like
stated previously, is a form of Total Elimination. There are two objectives to
choose from when playing Center Flag. Your team may choose to eliminate all of
the players on the other team for the victory (Total Elimination) or capture the
objective (a flag in the center of the field) and bring it to a certain
location. The target location for the flag is usually the back wall or border of
the opposing team. There are also a few special rules for Center Flag. Once a
player gets shot the flag should be returned to its original position. This rule
can be interchangeable with another one. If the flag carrier is tagged, then the
flag must be dropped on the ground and the player must leave the field, or the
player must stand still with the flag hanging off his hand, and not fire at any
other player. Once the flag is grabbed from the playerís hand, they may leave
the field.

Capture the Flag ∑ Capture
the Flag is very similar to Center Flag. Capture the Flag is commonly played
when there are larger teams (over five people per team). The rules of Capture
the Flag are very similar, as are the objectives. A team may choose to
completely eliminate the opposing team to win, or may grab a flag on the
opposite teamís back border, and bring it back to their border to win. If the
flag carrier gets shot, the flag should be returned to its original position.

Command & Conquer

(Fort) ∑ Command and Conquer (Fort) has a few certain requirements. For this
game to be played, there must be a fort-type building and area surrounding it. A
set amount of players begins inside the fort, while two or three of their team
members are allowed to roam the playing field after the start of the game. The
conquering team must begin at a designated spot. The objective of the conquering
team is to eliminate all of the players inside the fort and the roamers or set
one foot inside the Fort to end the game. The commanding teamís players outside
the fort do not need to be eliminated for the conquering team to win. The
commanding teams objective is to keep at least one player in the fort in the
game for a set amount of time. If this time is met, then the commanding team

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PostSubject: Re: New to Paintball? Check this Out   Mon May 19, 2008 5:00 pm

Nice, mods need to sticky this for new players. :bounce:

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New to Paintball? Check this Out
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